M.V. Services provides various logistic options to match clients needs. 

Below you can see all options


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Sea Freight

When you need to move cargo by Sea, M.V. Services offers a sea freight service to provide sea to road solutions anywhere in the world.

Our team can advise on consolidated shipping options and handle all import and export formalities on your behalf.


Air Freight

Air Freight is the fastes way to reach every corner of the World.  

Thanks to a wide network of partners all around the wolrd we can assure you a reliable service at the best reates. We manage daily shipments to various destinations.

Con il trasporto aereo potrete trasportare in tempi brevi merci in tutto il mondo.

We provide also custome assistance, door to door delivery, packaging and Storage.

Express Road Freight

M.V. Services provides to our customers the chance to match urgent logistic needs. Express road Freight service allows to move shipments in the fastest way with a considerable save of time.

Customer can select a mandatory delivery date and time . 

This type of transport has become the most requesteed by our clients, delivery are made to the selected adrees avoiding intermediate stops along hte way or other deliveries. Some of the destinations reached in the past includes: Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, England and Finland. 


Tail Lift Transport

When at collection or delivery point there are no Forklift vailable, a Tail lift vehicle is the ideal solution. 

Our trucks are equipped with tail lift with loading capacity of 1 Ton, our staff uses manual or electrical pallet jacks to load the goods. 

This service is designed for: companies exhibiting at trade fairs, deliveries to building sites, home deliveries, shops and shopping centres deliveries, harbour deliveries.